Additional security for subcontractors with VH Hrvatska insurance™ signed a cooperation agreement with Vereinigte Hagelversicherung – its subsidiary VH Croatia to provide its subcontractors with additional security in agricultural production and thus reduce their business risk. All™ subcontractors can insure their crops with the only specialized insurer for agriculture in Croatia, which offers very favorable conditions for its insurance products (risk package, payment of 100% of the amount of insurance in case of total damage without any deductions or reduction of payment). Our team offers subcontractors an additional option of contracting insurance with deferred payment. When contracting insurance,™ pays for insurance on behalf of the subcontractor. The subcontractor pays it subsequently to™ with its agricultural products at the time of harvest. Such an option allows subcontractors to be insured during the entire period of cooperation without additional financial investments before the harvest. For all additional information, subcontractors may use .