NutriS is a company born from passion to change the world of food and to upgrade the agriculture to enable it to fulfill the growing demand for food due to growth of the world’s population. Being part of the rapidly growing food industry, NutriS is changing the mindset, setting up the new rules in farming and introducing state-of the-art technologies to accelerate traditional processes and to transform them into the agriculture 2.0 for the 21st century.

Our mission is to make the food better, together.

By becoming a part of the NutriS team, you’re entering the ever-changing environment sparkling with innovations, sustainability and out-of-the-box thinking that changes the nutrition and introduces new plant-based concept for the future. If you love challenges, embrace new technologies and enjoy dynamic and high paced atmosphere, don’t hesitate to join us!



We communicate truthfully and openly and are always upfront about the actions we take and decision we make.


We encourage the value of innovating, creating, sharing and using knowledge to make a positive change.


We want to preserve the planet Earth, by sustainable business and living model for the third millennium, model of plant-based nutrition and zero carbon footprint.


We respect and treat each other with dignity. We value the collective power of teamwork.


Join us on our quest in making food better, together.

We seek talents who care about the nutrition, environment, sustainability, and innovation and are always open for the right kind of person to join our to grow together with us.

NutriS group offers a great opportunity for career development and enables employees to became part of the change they wish to see in the world while working on challenging projects with the latest technologies in a friendly yet professional nutristic environment with amazing perks.

Sidenote: Interviews are mostly held online as we follow recommendations for the current COVID-19 situation.



Our team is commited to re-shape the future of agriculture while making food better, together.


There is saying: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER. To make food better means to bring healthy – nutritive and sustainable – meal to every table and to create it TOGETHER, hand in hand with nature.

Zvonimir Sedlić, CEO and President of the board


At™ are changing the future of agriculture and nutrition from scratch. We are developing the production of fava beans, which so far have almost never been on the agricultural map of Croatia. At the same time, we use that same fava beans in the production of protein for the food industry, i.e. plant based products, and in this way we have moved away from traditional agriculture and traditional processes and are changing the future of agriculture and food not only in Croatia but also in all over the world.

Ivan Balaško,
Procurement & Logistics Manager

Hrvoje Ivić

 During my work at, I realized the additional values ​​that fava beans provide, and this, along with my dynamic and capable team, motivates me in my work. The challenges of consulting and contracting this somewhat forgotten culture encourage me to advance in my knowledge and thinking about how to bring this culture to as many Croatian fields as possible, as well as to try various cultivation methods that I first test on my own land and then present to producers.”

Hrvoje Ivić
Specialist for agricultural production contracting,™

Hrvoje Mareljić

I chose to work at because it is a unique company in Croatia and because fava bean is a relatively new culture in our climate and therefore represents a challenge in my professional career. I consider my job a great opportunity and a privilege because with my knowledge and further learning I can help achieve the goals we have set for ourselves as a company. My typical working day includes visiting agricultural producers, advising them on agronomic challenges and communicating with other colleagues in the team to achieve common goals.”

Hrvoje Mareljić
Specialist for agricultural production contracting,™



Martina Gadnjaj

Having the opportunity to work at is a great challenge and pleasure for me. The challenge as, in cooperation with agricultural producers, we try to find optimal solutions for agronomic challenges, and the satisfaction because I can see the result of dedicated work.”

Martina Gadnjaj
Specialist for agricultural production contracting,™



Tomislav Medved

I love a dynamic job full of communication and new experiences, and provides these opportunities. With teamwork and using the NUTRIS principles of sustainable agriculture, we contribute to a better future for modern farmers. I use the same principles on my own farm, preserving soil, water and land, at the same time achieving reduced production costs with increased productivity and better quality products.”

Tomislav Medved,
Specialist for agricultural production contracting,™



Denis Sartić

I sowed the first hectares of fava beans as an experimental production on my own farm in 2019. I am passing on the knowledge and experience gained to other farmers and colleagues, showing how growing fava beans can improve the sustainability of agricultural systems by reducing the negative impact on the environment, optimizing the use of resources and supporting long-term sustainable agricultural practice.”

Denis Sartić,
Specialist in purchasing and agricultural production contracting,™




Loredana Komljen

Working in an innovative company such as and being part of the NUTRIS group means always being in line with the latest technologies, methods and research, which requires continuous improvement and adaptation to new knowledge. The innovations of open up new opportunities for growth and development, contributing to the progress of the agricultural industry.”

Loredana Komljen,
Back office administrator,™