Andreja Žeravica

Chief technologist at™

Andreja is from Virovitica in northwestern Slavonia, so she grew up walking the fields of corn. After high school she decided to follow her passion for agriculture by studying at the Faculty of Agronomy in Zagreb. She is an expert for the Organic Agriculture who started career in the local factory Tvornica šećera Virovitica (today known as Viro) as organizer of the manufacturing of the sugar beet. She coordinated 200 manufacturers, organized, and professionally monitored sugar beet cultivation from the contract signage to the delivery to the factory. She further upgraded her organizational skills in Nova Natura as a Technologist. After 20 years of gaining experience at the field, she joined™ team as Cooperation officer. Andreja enjoys gaining knowledge so she pursues additional education. She has taken professional exams such as exam from the Ordinance on the establishment of an action framework for achieving sustainable use of pesticides – advisor module and the HACCP food safety exam for the internal auditor. She enjoys gardening, fruit growing, viticulture and medical herbs planting.

Mato Mrkalj

Business development manager at™

Mato has more than 10 years working experience in rural development and related industries. He is continuously upgrading his business development skills and investing in knowledge of the business of the future. After graduating at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb (master’s degree in finance and business organization), he gained firsthand experience in Žito, one of the biggest Croatian food and agriculture company. During his career he founded and co-founded several companies related to food and agriculture management and worked as an expert for several international consulting companies in the field of rural development. His areas of expertise include Business development, Project management, Financial analysis, Startup development and Rural development. He loves business challenges and enjoys new markets opening, has an affinity to sales and a profound understanding of the food and agriculture industry in the Western Balkans area. His personal interests are focused on introducing the digital age into the agriculture sector and developing the agri-food startup scene in the region.

Filip Galešić

Operations Assistant

Filip holds a degree of Hotel and Tourism Management from Libertas international university. His work experiences include sales and marketing and positions in touristic sector.