Proudly presenting the First European Fava Beans
Protein Isolate Processing Factory

The factory is situated in Novi Senkovac in Croatia. It uses patented processing and unique technology concept ONE-IN-ALL-OUT with full valorization of the fava beans, to extract protein isolate used for the plant-based food production, one of the globally fastest growing industries. Opening a factory is the first step in implementing the whole new concept of agriculture powered by technology, a sustainable circular economy system that preserves the environment while ensures enough healthy and tasty food for the humans in the ever-changing world. The exhibition made an excellent opportunity to build new business and create new networks. showcased its unique concept of rethinking the future of the agriculture and the food industry. We also had a virtual booth on 13th and 14th April – a place where all farmers, food producers, all working in the plant-based industry or overall interested in nutrition, sustainability and innovations could have found out more about our unique BETTER TOGETHER concept. NutriS partnered with Bridge2Food, one of the pioneers in creating a better food world by bridging business and technical excellence to ensure that their programmes and networks drive action and successful outcomes since 2002. Companies share core values like nutrition, innovation and sustainability, and will continue to cooperate in making food better together, for the world.

At Bridge2Food Virtual Exhibition Plant-Based Foods Value Chain Americas 2021 on 13th April 2021 we have proudly presented the First European Fava Bean Protein Isolates Processing Factory.